Welcome to Lorena’s Universe and thank you for stopping by!

I am a Psychotherapist and a Spiritual Teacher and I have specialized in energetic communication. When we communicate with the world, we do it both verbally, with our body and energetically. And when we have trouble with people not understanding our messages, it is always about our inner state. Specialized in energetic communication I help my customers transform their lives to express and live their own truth instead of other’s.

At a very early age we experience that our parents verbally and energetically correct us and direct us toward a truth of the good life according their convictions. They quickly get supported by other adults and society with the same convictions and thereby we learn that the truth of a good and abundant life is held by other people – mainly the grown ups.

But then we ourselves become the grown ups and we realize that something went terribly wrong somewhere if we didn’t manifest that good, peaceful and abundant life.
And this is what I help my clients to sort out!

It is no longer time to live by the truth of others. We are all being asked to communicate our own truth, connect with our divinity and shine our lights for the whole world to see us and be inspired by us. So if you feel that something needs to be changed and you cannot find your way around it, maybe it is because you need to look at your stories and convictions and find out which are yours and which are not.

All my products are designed for transformation through verbal and energetic communication and for my clients to live their own divinity and truth. So I hope that you will find my website inspirational, and that you will trust me to help you understand, communicate and live your divinity if you don’t already.