…to be serious! Just saying.

I have spent a lot of time being serious, and I can tell you, that it has not been fun!
It all started out by me wanting to be taken serious. And since I didn’t know how to come around that one, I thought to myself, that I had to start with myself. So then I became serious, because I didn’t know any other way. Because, hey, to be taken serious, you have to be serious, right?

Nope! Not at all, actually!

So how to do then?
You take yourself serious. You show people, that you want to be taken serious. And that doesn’t necessarily involve being serious. It involves expressing who you really are. What you stand for. It involves Living Your Truth!

Living Your Truth can be rather scary. Because, shining your authentic light can actually blind people who are not willing or prepared for that kind of brightness. We are all different people and we all live in different ways. But way too many people do not live an authentic life. They live the life, they were conditioned to live by their upbringing. And that is often equal to living in darkness. And if you then come storming in and turn on the light, they get blinded. And that is not nice. So be prepared!

One of the common traps are, that you then feel sorry for those, who get blinded, and then you turn down your light a little bit, so it doesn’t hurt them too much. But it is a trap. And different things happen here:

First of all you victimize both them and you – feeling sorry for someone equals them not being able to take care of them selves. And diminishing yourself makes you a victim at the same time.

Secondly you violate them. You actually diminish their power. And you do the same to yourself.

And thirdly you play the role of the rescuer. “If I diminish my light, I rescue you from feeling awful.”

So you see, no-one benefits from you not expressing and Living Your Truth by e.g. being serious, when in fact, you are a light, happy-go-lucky, person. And that is what I learned. So now, I will take you serious, but I stopped being serious. Because, it’s not my thing!

Is it yours?