Astrological Character Reading

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Astrological Character Reading

What is an Astrological Character Reading?
When we incarnate sun, moon and the different planets appear in certain ways in our horoscope. And each of the planets influences our character in different ways. By reading these planets we can learn how your character is in this life.

Is it for everybody?
Yes, everybody can benefit from knowing their full character and thereby know about their strengths and weaknesses in this life.

For grown-ups it is all about a better self understanding.
For the kids it could be about giving the parents a tool to know how to bring up their kids the best way possible by knowing the kids strengths and weaknesses.

How do I do?
When you order your reading, you send me the followig:
Your name, date of birth, year of birth, city of birth and time of birth.

After that we agree on a date and time, where we meet on Skype for 45-60 minutes, where I give you your reading.