Living Your Truth

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Living Your Truth

What is Your Truth?
It is a reading of the unique qualities and talents of your soul. I simply find out how your soul is made so that you can focus on what works best for you  and let go of “should” and “have to”.

Sometimes we try our best to develop talents and skills that we don’t really need; we, in fact, waste a lot of time focusing on what other people say we “should do” or on being how other people say we “have to be”. But guess what? You are not them. After the reading it will become much more clear to you what to let go of and what to focus on in your life.

If you know your time of birth, I will also do a horoscopic reading of your unique composition as a human in this life, which we will then put together with the reading of your soul.

Finally, I will teach you about the Energy of The New Paradigm, and I will explain to you the “new way” to be in the world as opposed to the “old way”.

The elements in the reading are:

  • The origination of your soul telling me about syncronicity with the rest of you.
  • Your natal horoscope telling me about your psycological composition in this particular life.
  • Where in you life right now you are being helped to success and where you are being asked for patience and focused work.

What can it be used for?
The readings are very useful if you have a hard time finding out your way in life or accurately understanding what you need to create the life of your dreams. Together we will talk about how to use your talents in harmony with your soul.

In fact, I often meet clients who have a lot of different spiritual courses and educations, but they don’t seem to be able to manifest anything from it. And others have a lot of information from clairvoyants, hand readers, healers etc. which they don’t know how to use. So we put it in the reading and find out how they can benefit from it all in this life, and how they can manifest and create with the tools, they already have.

Is it for everyone?
Yes, definitely. I believe it is always useful to gain a better understanding of our unique talents and how we can use them.

The actual 1:1 session, during which I give you your reading lasts about 2 hours.


What do the customers say?
The feedback always involves peace, clarity and acceptance of who you are. When you achieve peace and acceptance of yourself and you understand how to live in this life, manifesting your dreams, it is almost impossible not to achieve your dreams.

A few individual statements:
“The session yesterday has changed my life, beautiful! I have never tried something similar!! I am very thankful for you and what you have come to do on this earth”.

“Thank you for a wonderful session. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, as everything that we talked about starts to make sense”.