1:1 Session

As a Transformational Expert I help my clients transforming themselves, and thereby their lives, enabling them to live their truth.

We are all different and have different up bringing and perspectives on life, so I always work from my client’s specific truth and need.

Bottom line is that I help my clients un-learn convictions and patterns created throughout their life, if it blocks for them to live their truth. And then I teach them to live from their highest potential instead of their limiting beliefs. And finally I provide them with tools to walk this path on their own.

The sessions

My clients only come to me when they need help to their next step or current process. Sometimes I see them once a month, and sometimes I don’t see them for a half or a whole year.

New clients sometimes need to come once a week for the first month both for getting used to the work and for being held on track. But after that they also only seek me once a month until they need a process-break.

We meet in person at my praxis or on Skype. We look at your life and your needs. Then we “clean up” and give you tools for you to continue your work on your own.

A session lasts 1 hour – sometimes a little bit more.

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