Terms and Conditions


All services and courses in this business are sold by Lorena Plæhn, Living Your Truth, Toemmerupvej 252, 2791 Dragoer – CVR 29255202.

All benefits and courses are paid either via the shop at lorenasuniverse.com or by bank transfer to account at Danske Bank 3434 – 3434 87 14 09.

All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK). The company is not registered for VAT.

Payment Terms

Payment terms can be found on the website lorenasuniverse.com under the Prices & Conditions tab.

All purchases are binding and can only be changed by agreement with Lorena Plæhn. You can give up your appointment up to 24 hours before the meeting date. After the end of the session, no money is returned.

You are responsible for having a proper Skype connection or meeting at the agreed time.

In case of late payment, interest arrears are charged with the following interest rates:

For corporate customers, the interest rate is deducted from the due date by 2% per share commenced month from due date for payment occurs.

For private customers, interest is added from the due date with the process rate for payment, according to Danish law.


Lorena Plæhn or Living Your Truth has all rights to the delivered services and all material, printed and digitally made available in relation to courses, etc. Purchase grants the right to use the material. The right of use is personal. The material must be treated confidentially and may not be disclosed or disclosed to third parties. The material may only be used for personal use.

The material may not be used for any purpose other than the one for which they are purchased, and in particular, they may not be used commercially in direct or indirect competition with Lorena Plæhn’s business. Lorena Plæhn’s name and/or Living Your Truth’s name may not be used for advertising or reference purposes without written permission.

If the supplied material and/or Lorena Plæhns or Living Your Truth’s name is used in violation of this provision, Lorena Plæhn and/or Living Your Truth are entitled to a bid of 120,000 DKK per violation. In the case of a continuation violation, new convention bids are calculated for each commencement month. Lorena Plæhn and/or Living Your Truth are also entitled to have the infringement terminated by a ban on non-collateral.


Any liability that Lorena Plæhn and/or Living Your Truth may incur in relation to their services or courses is limited to the victim’s direct loss. Lorena Plæhn and/or Living Your Truth can under no circumstances be liable for indirect damage or loss. Liability for indirect damage and loss applies irrespective of the nature of liability and regardless of whether Lorena Plæhn and/or Living Your Truth have acted negligently. Lorena Plæhn’s and/or Living Your Truth’s liability for direct damage and loss is limited to 50% of the cost of the benefit or course to which liability is attributable.


These terms and conditions are made in English.

However, Lorena Plæhn and/or Living Your Truth can freely choose whether all other communication (oral and written), including course material and course language, must be in Danish, English, French or Italian.

Law and jurisdiction

Disputes between Lorena Plæhn and/or Living Your Truth and the buyer must be settled under Danish law at the Copenhagen City Court as the first instance.

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All rights reserved Living Your Truth – CVR 29255202