Astrological Development Reading

What is an Astrological Development Reading?
When we are born the planets gives us an idea what potential we have within our character and how we can develop ourselves on a human and soul level.

As years go by we get experience from life and this potential changes.
If you are familiar with your natal birth chart and you do not feel that it resonates with the person you are today, maybe it is because it is time to get to know the new you and the potential you have created where you are now. And this is exactly what an Astrological Development Reading is all about.

Is it for everybody?
No – this reading is for you at the age of 30+
You have to have lived some life, so to speak. And you have to have some experience on life and the lessons you were presented with from birth.

How do I do?
When you order your reading, you send me the followig:
Your name, date of birth, year of birth, city of birth and time of birth.

After that we agree on a date and time, where we meet on Skype for 60 minutes, where I give you your reading.

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