Better you – better parent

Do you know that we as parents transfer our childhood problems, traumers and unsolved issues to our children?

No matter if we want to or not, our children pick up on unsolved issues either by the way we teach them to be human beings and adults or in the energy of all the stuff we ignore.

And it doesn’t even matter if you are aware of it or not. And the problems have all kind of different themes and roots and some are more damaging than others.

I have designed this workshop allowing you to be able to ask questions and having your own themes looked at if you should wish that.
And, of course, I have made sure to bring some examples from my own life and my business for you to be inspired by as well.

18th November 2018 – 10AM – 4PM.

Restaurant SAS Klubben
Ved Diget 25
2770 Kastrup

10 minutes walk from Kastrup Metro Station

Sign up
Send me a textmessage at +45 22 95 90 06 and pay DKK 695,- on MobilePay (same number) or click below for other payment methods.
The price includes lunch, coffee, tee, fruit and water.

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NB! This workshop will be in Danish.